Hate Your CPAP?

CPAP problems can be treated by our Chesterfield dentist such as CPAP noise

The CPAP machine is the most common sleep apnea treatment, but patient compliance is estimated at a mere 50%. There are plenty of CPAP machine problems that keep patients from using their CPAP.

If you are one of those patients asking about your CPAP options, we want you to know that there is an easier way. Dr. Buchheit offers comfortable CPAP alternatives that will protect you from the dangers of sleep apnea.

Why do so many people hate their CPAP? What are the most common CPAP (machine) problems?

Discomfort: If you have used or even seen the CPAP, you know that the face mask is anything but comfortable. This clunky piece of hardware prevents you from sipping water, speaking with your bed partner, or moving around comfortably at bedtime. Some patients even say that the bulky CPAP makes them feel like they are suffocating.

You deserve comfort when you sleep. Even patients with sleep apnea can have a comfortable night’s sleep with effective treatment alternatives.

Can’t sleep with CPAP machine: CPAP can only be worn when sleeping on your back or sometimes your side. It presses down on the face and makes falling asleep difficult. If you can’t sleep with the CPAP machine, your treatment is leaving you more tired than you were before!

If you can’t sleep with your CPAP machine, treatment isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do. We can find something that makes more sense for you and allows you to sleep peacefully.

CPAP noise: CPAP noise is a great disadvantage of this particular treatment. If CPAP noise is keeping you awake at night, let’s find a noise-free treatment solution instead.

Can’t bring the CPAP anywhere: Have a vacation approaching? CPAP users will find that it is nearly impossible to drag their treatment along when they go out of town. Camping or hotel room sharing may leave you feeling awkward.

visit our Chesterfield dentist for CPAP options today

Have you been wondering about your CPAP options? Do you really have to wear this bulky, uncomfortable machine every night for the rest of your life?

The answer is no! Fortunately, there are other treatments besides traditional CPAP options.

Let’s eliminate all of your CPAP problems by determining an easier treatment. Dr. Buchheit offers various alternatives that are just as effective as the traditional CPAP. To schedule your appointment, give us a call in Chesterfield, MO today. Also serving Florissant and St. Louis.

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